Configuration and Modes

Type-DB is built to be configurable and modulable, this article will explain you how.

Fluent Configuration

Type-DB.Core has a fluid configuration that will allow you to enjoy all his features, when you instanciate the Core object with new TypeDB.Core() you get access to all this API methods.

using (var tdb = new TypeDB.Core(Mode.Standalone)
using (var testdb = tdb.OpenDatabase("test", true))
// do something

Standalone or Remote Mode ?

These are the two running modes of Type-DB, the first is the default and is pretty self-explanatory the second is backed with Type-DB.Server, all your entities will be stored remotely.

The Configuration Object

The Configuration object through the .Configure() API is the best way to setup everything that is not present in the fluent configuration.

Instance object provide an access to the Configuration property to make hot changes.